Baby ‘Splosion!

We’re looking at 3 to 4 litters being born in the next month and a half!

These pairings include Scoot x Rosie, Ira x Fiji, and Badger x Zephyr.

The fourth litter is a toss up between Norma Jean x Tequila or Lamb x Ewe.

Norma Jean x Tequila would likely produce Russian Blue, blacks, and minks. It would be a test pairing for their fur type to see if they are velveteen or are just particularly soft rexes.

Lamb x Ewe would produce rex and double rexes in potentially agouti, black, fawn, beige, and albino.

All information (and pictures) of these guys can be found on

Pictured: Tequila being a blanket hog

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