The current wait list is sitting at 4+ months. This is due to a few does failing to have litters when scheduled. Updates will be made on the Facebook page and on the Updates page on this site.

My rattery is extremely small scale. I generally haven’t any more than 20 adult rats in my care at any given time. I currently have 5 breeding males, 1 retired males, 5 breeding females, and 2 pet-only/retired females. This means that I have relatively few litters a year, and prefer to focus on the health and well-being of my animals.

I only breed when I think they are ready and mature enough to handle it. My adult rats are kept in double decker bin cages with the same sex. I use kiln-dried pine bedding* and KalKan for their staple diet. I use 66-120 qt bins with large mesh windows as my maternity cages. Babies are separated by sex at 5 weeks of age. I do not adopt out rats until they are at a minimum of 8 weeks of age as I like to ensure that they are pet quality and will make an adopter very happy.

I specialize in Russian Blue and related varieties, Mink/Pearl varieties, and Beige varieties. I have a mix of Rex/Velveteen and Standard fur types as well as a mix of Dumbo and Standard ears. My goal for my lines is to make large, very mellow males and large, inquisitive females. I do focus on size for breeding.

*Within the pet community, it’s frequently stated that pine is not an appropriate bedding for rats. However, kiln-dried pine removes the dangerous phenols from the wood, rendering it perfectly safe. Kiln-dried pine has excellent natural odor control, ammonia control, and absorbency. It is also a great burrowing substrate as rats are fossorial by nature and prefer more floor space over vertical space.

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