The Rainbow Bridge

The rats that have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge have played an enormously important part in the history of Bleuming Tails, and this is a way to remember them.

Agouti Rex Buck

Ursa is the foundation buck for BTR’s velveteen line. His son, Lamb, is a breeder hold back. He also is the foundation buck for a Siamese line in another rattery.

Ursa was 2.5 years old, a lover of pets and wasn’t afraid of anything.

Russian Blue Dumbo Buck

Micah is the foundation buck for BTR’s Russian Blue/Russian Blue Agouti lines, as well as UK Mink/Pearl and Russian Beige. Almost every line at BTR can be traced back to this buck.

Micah was 2 yrs, and 2 months old. After Ursa passed, his health rapidly declined, but now they’re at the rainbow bridge together.

Russian Blue Agouti Dumbo Buck

Beau is the father to Fiji, and the brother to Burma and Bartholomew.

He suffered from chronic URIs for months which resulted in his early retirement. Due to his constant illness and steady decline, BTR made the difficult decision to humanely euthanize him.

Cinnamon Dumbo Doe

Burma is F2 in BTR’s Russian Blue/UK Mink line. 

She has a surviving son and daughter at the rattery, plus her brother Bartholomew.

Beige Standard Doe

Mazekeen is the foundation doe for BTR’s Russian Beige line. She has both a daughter and a grandpup at the rattery carrying on her lines. She developed a large mammary tumor that, unfortunately, cut her life short.

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