Bringing Your New Pet Home

What to Expect

Bleuming Tails breeds for naturally temperamentally sweet rats.

But what does this mean?

Naturally sweet rats are animals who seek out human affection, tolerate and engage in positive play with both human and other cagemates, and have a good general overall temperament.

This does not mean that they will all be lap pets. Just like with dogs and cats, rats each have individual personalities and some prefer to explore over cuddling whereas others prefer to fall asleep on your shoulder.

Babies, of both sexes, tend to be hyperactive but often mellow out as they age, bucks especially.

Rats are considered prey animals and do still have very strong fight, flight or freeze instincts. They may be tough little things, but gentle handling is key to a good relationship with your rats.

It is very common for rats to seem slightly nervous in a new environment but that should clear itself up on its own. Furthermore, BTR rats are raised in a very low traffic household where loud noises or large amounts of people are kept to a minimum. If your home is busy or loud, it may take them a little longer to come around. It’s a lot to take in for 8-12 week old babies.

The best place for the cage is an area that is draft-free with access to natural lighting (but not directly next to a window or door), and is in a semi-busy area of the household where they can watch and acclimate themselves to the rhythm of their new home.

Bonding Methods

Controlled free roam

Allowing your new pets to explore the bed or couch while you work on the computer or watch TV is a wonderful way to allow them to tackle new things at their own pace. Blankets, pillows and your lap offer plenty of hiding places, but it also offers them the opportunity to explore.


The best way to a rat’s heart is through her stomach! Some rats may be tentative about trying new foods, but that is a base instinct that allowed them to survive in the wild. This is also an excellent way for your rat to learn her new name. (Say her name and if she comes over, treat!) Be sure to hand feed for this method.

Calm cage time

Sitting next to the cage with the door open and quietly talking is another easy method to win them over. Their cage is a safe-zone and is often where they feel the most comfortable. Hanging a hand just inside the cage, talking, and treating will quickly win them over.

Bonding pouch

A bonding pouch is a small, wearable pocket (generally around your neck) that you can put your new pets in and include them in your day to day household activities. Rats naturally like dark, warm spaces and the pouch gives them the chance to be close to you and explore their new home.

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