Welcome to Bleuming Tails Rattery

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Welcome to Bleuming Tails

We are a home-based pet hobby breeder located in the Kansas City metro area.  I have owned rats since 2013 and started the rattery in 2017. The main focus, first and foremost, is to produce animals with excellent temperament. A long term goal is to produce animals with better health than what can be found in pet rats today. The rats at BTR are not just breeders, but are also my pets. However, retired breeders do occasionally become available for adoption. 

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About the Rattery

The rattery is extremely small scale. I generally haven’t any more than 20 adult rats in my care at any given time. On average, the rattery has 2-3 litters every 4 to 6 months.

My adult rats are kept in double decker bin cages with the same sex. I use kiln-dried pine bedding* and Kal-Kan for their staple diet. I use 66-120 qt bins with large mesh windows as my maternity cages. Babies are separated by sex at 5 weeks of age. I do not adopt out rats until they are at a minimum of 8 weeks of age as I like to ensure that they are pet quality and will make an adopter very happy.

I specialize in Russian Blue and related varieties, Mink/Pearl varieties, and Beige varieties. I have a mix of Rex and Standard fur types as well as a mix of Dumbo and Standard ears. My goal for my lines is to make large, very mellow males and large, inquisitive females. I do focus on size for breeding.