The current wait list is sitting at 4+ months. This is due to a few does failing to have litters when scheduled. Updates will be made on the Facebook page and on the Updates page on this site.


Welcome to Bleuming Tails Rattery!  We are a home-based pet hobby breeder located in the Kansas City metro area.  I have owned rats since 2013 and started the rattery in 2017.  The main focus, first and foremost, is to produce animals with excellent temperament. A long term goal is to produce animals with better health than what can be found in pet rats today. The rats at BTR are not just breeders, but are also my pets. However, retired breeders do occasionally become available for adoption.  I encourage potential adopters to visit the care guides section and go over the polices.

Featured: BTR Perrier
Dumbo Agouti

BTR focuses mainly on Russian Blue and Russian Blue varieties, including but not limited to: Russian Blue Agouti, Russian Beige, and Russian Dove. Other varieties include Mink and Pearl, as well as rex, and dumbo rats

Reviews from past adopters are always welcome to be posted on the Facebook page.

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