Bin Cage Masterclass

Uploaded on YouTube are 6 videos all about bin cages!(…/UCKWI5Bi5L3d8DnwmBH8GM0A/videos) Listed below is a (non-exhaustive) materials list with links.110 qt bin -…/-/A-13794501120 qt bin - inch mesh - zip ties - zip ties -…/…/B00CTKBTH2…Dremel Knife -… If you have any questions, ask below and I'll answer all in another video.

Baby ‘Splosion!

We're looking at 3 to 4 litters being born in the next month and a half! These pairings include Scoot x Rosie, Ira x Fiji, and Badger x Zephyr. The fourth litter is a toss up between Norma Jean x Tequila or Lamb x Ewe. Norma Jean x Tequila would likely produce Russian Blue, blacks,... Continue Reading →

An Update:

Current litters: Norma Jean's and Rosie's litters are both around 6.5 weeks old currently. The availability on these guys will be limited, so paying attention to the official announcement (which will come in about 2 weeks) will be super important! Additionally, Badger had her litter a week and a half ago. and had 14 healthy... Continue Reading →

The Great Zuccing of 2019

Due to extreme efforts by Animal Rights Activists, Facebook is cracking down on pages with live animals. Unfortunately, it's also targeting ethical breeders. Because of this current trend, availability announcements will still be made on the Facebook page, but actual images of any available animals will only be posted on this site with pricing. Hopefully,... Continue Reading →

Babies have arrived!

Born in the wee hours of St. Patrick's Day, BTR Rosie and Norma Jean both had their litters.In honor of their birthday, both litters will have alcohol-related names when that time comes.

Pairing Announcement!

BTR Hemlock has been paired to BTR Norma Jean and BTR Rosie.Hemlock X Rosie has produced mink, pearl, RED mink/Beige in the past, but they have the potential to produce Russian Beige which is the goal for this pairing.Hemlock X Norma Jean is a test breeding. BTR RosieBTR Norma JeanBTR Hemlock

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